Internship feedback - Sai Sruthi

The in plant training I attended at uniq technologies helped me get the first hand experience and knowledge in software development and android apps! the 5 days program was split into different sessions and were allotted for various courses! Equal importance were given to all topics and no topics were left uncovered!! The materials for learning were also provided as soft copies!! the staff were really interactive and were eager to clear all our doubts! Overall it was a great and useful experience.

Akshara 3rd Year, CSE, CEG, Nehru Institute of Engg & Tech
In Plant Training feedback - Preetha

Hi everyone I am A.EVANGELINE SWEETY from MAM college of Engineering.Actually when i heard about IPT in UNIQ technologies I was quite happy because i thought I will be able to gain some knowledge practically.But UNIQ is something UNIQUE which is beyond my expectations...I wonder that 4 years of study has been taught to me in 5 classes which was crispy and interesting.Its really amazing being there. I have shared this because no one pursuing their degree should feel bored of their studies...so i suggest that UNIQ tecnology is one medicine to get rid of your boreness.so guyz make use of your interesting career through uniq technology. Thank you..

Evengeline Sweety ECE, 2nd Year, MAM Engineering College
In Plant Training

I was looking for an institution to do an in plant training and that’s when I stumbled across uniq technologies. I,being a cse student, wanted to learn more about android app development. And I’m so glad I attended the workshop uniq organized on that topic!! they covered all the important topics in this matter and de course was really fun and interactive... they successfully created an atmosphere for learning inside the classes!!
The class hours were flexible and I could choose when to attend the course, and that was really helpful!

Srimath k 3rd Year, CSE, NIET
In Plant Training feedback - Preetha

I did my inplant training in Uniq Technologies where I could get clear expectations for my learning and performance in the IPT, it clearly explained the concepts, clarified areas of confusion, and used effective teaching methods that enhanced my learning. Inplant training was well organized and prepared.This course has increased my interest in this field of study. I believe that what I am being asked to learn in this course is important. On average, I have spent 5 -6 hours per week doing work outside of class for this course .In this course, I have been challenged to learn more than I expected. Uniq also gave me one amazing opportunity to be their student ambassador through which i was able improve my leadership qualities and also make students aware about the various opportunities that is offered by Uniq in the field of development and technologies. Learning with hands on experience and also enjoying what you learn was the best part of my days with Uniq.

Saumya S 3rd Year, CSE, Sairam Engg College
In Plant Training feedback - Preetha

Education is a passport to the future., For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. As rightly said, Uniq Technologies provide the optimized platform for all sort of engineering sectors. Really I feel gratified to be a part of it. During the course period, the entire surrounding made me illustrious, which therefore helped me to identify my own individuality and dynamism. Both as a beginner and an experienced, one can surely upgrade themselves in whatever field they choose and make them technically sound. Not only that, Uniq Technologies is named right for their, unique student – staff relation upliftment in both curricular and non- curricular activities.

S.INDU 3rd Year, EIE, SNS College of Engineering
In Plant Training feedback - Gayathri

I recently attended my InPlant training in Uniq technologies.. they gave me good guidance to complete it successfully.. Inspite of this they also support many college students by conducting aptitude tests, internships, workshops and reward the students for the same. They also gave me good training in my domain. i will surely recommend their service to all my juniors who wants to come up with a good knowledge and exposure in software development fields

Harini IIyr, ECE, Rajalakshmi Engg
In Plant Training feedback - Anusha

We the 10students of sri krishna college of engineering and technology, Coimbatore underwent an InPlant training on 27 to 29 th of December..The three day session was very useful. We got excellent presentations and valuable information..All the practical sessions are very interesting and useful to us..Training on Dream viewer, photo shop, flash and SDLC gave us a good knowledge to use the tools easily. The three days of training helped us to gain a good knowledge.

Niveditha CSE, 3rd Year, Sri Krishna College of Engg & Tech
In Plant Training feedback - Roshanara

Well, at the first place i came across this InPlant training centre through a registered link. I registered myself in it and asked my friends as well to register. By the mid December we decided to take the IPT and we were amazed by the training and development cell that maneuvered us. They took intense care in training us with all the knowledge they had. They sharpened us on our core subjects. All the facilities were so friendly and professional in teaching. They made their points clear to us on Android App development and mini project on android apps. It was very easy and useful for us. The teaching methods was almost fantastic and it made us all gain great knowledge, perhaps even the basic need to access on different fields. I feel so thankful to UNIQ Technologies. It has given me one of the best interns and IPT's ever.. Thank you!
P.S On a special note, do continue this great job and handout yourself in reach of many other engineering students and help them reach greater heights as always.

Deepika 3rd year, CSE, SVCE
In Plant Training feedback - THENDRAL

UNIQ Technologies provide quality knowledge to the students and it's a great asset to obtain useful information from them. For students to have an exposure to obtain knowledge and make use of the time, UNIQ Technologies would be the ideal one.

G.CHAITHANYA Production, Velammal Engg College

  • At UNIQ Technologies, people come in as students and go back as professionals. Mentored by experts in the field, participants get to learn technology on a first hand basis.
  • UNIQ aims at transforming your future by covering everything from aptitude to attitude.

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