InPlant Training in Coimbatore

Let us first shed light on a fact,all reputed IT companies have criticized that the fresher’s lack hands-on experience in their field .It would be sensible for one to have gained knowledge on their respective field before jumping into the contentious IT world.

UNIQ Technologies has set itself on a mission to provide just that.Inplant training is the latest initiative from UNIQ, offering practical hands-on experience to prospective Engineering students. Our company is now under operation at Coimbatore to provide convenient services to students in and around the province. Training are now provided to students from the fields of Information Technology (IT), Computer Science (CSE), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), Mechanical engineering and Civil Engineering.

UNIQ Technologies Coimbatore is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that offers best in-class training facilities offered by professionals from the reputed MNC’s such as TCS, WIPRO, IBM, CTS, and Accenture.

A certificate from a company is valuable but a certificate from a reputed company like UNIQ Technologies Coimbatore is even more valuable. All reputed MNC’s like TCS, WIPRO value a UNIQ certificate. This is owing to the fact that UNIQ is advanced in its infrastructure providing students with best in class training environment with high performance systems and spacious classrooms.

Our company is growing with a steady increase in the number of incoming trainees and projects. Considering the ISO certification as a proof, it would be boastful to talk more about ourselves. We are happy to provide you with the best services possible.We are all the more confident that we would be able to satisfy the expectations and needs of our students.

Join today and make an investment for your future

Note: Interested students are informed to register their details at the earliest.

    We really thank you very much for your unwavering trust and steadfast relationship with UNIQ Technologies.

inplant training in coimbatore

inplant training in coimbatore

inplant training in coimbatore

inplant training in coimbatore

  • At UNIQ Technologies, people come in as students and go back as professionals. Mentored by experts in the field, participants get to learn technology on a first hand basis.

  • UNIQ aims at transforming your future by covering everything from aptitude to attitude.

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