InPlant Training for Civil Engineering Students

InPlant Training in chennai for mechanical

A never before opportunity from Uniq Technologies for all the Civil students in Coimbatore, the Inplant training programme is the best option available in the market as the training is dealt with a practical approach.

Through this programme, the participants will become experts in the following:

  • Soil Moisture Analyser Application useful to make decisions for construction
  • Land Slide Defect Identification using Flex Sensor
  • Solid Object Measurement Application using MATLAB
  • Curve Fitting and Line Measurement Application using MATLAB
  • Android Mobile App Development to simulate your projects

By being a part of the Inplant Training programme, the students will earn an Inplant training certificate symbolising the achievement of the first milestone in their career.

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  • “I am a third year civil student. Where can i do any IPT during semester holidays?”
  • “Hi all which is the best company for civil engineering students to undergo IPT?”
  • There is great scope for these students because top construction companies have been tirelessly working to give the city a facelift and they can help do with some more manpower.
  • To get the feel of working in a real environment, civil students need to undergo IPT sessions which will help simulate their real world scenario’s work.

  • Civil projects always begin with a plan. Students gain theoretical knowledge about designing plans through their courses but do not always get a chance to explore and design plans on their own.
  • One such exclusive chance is provided by Uniq Technologies through the Inplant training programme. The syllabus has been designed to keep things practical.
  • Hurry up to Uniq Technologies’ Coimbatore centre to book your places in the Inplant training programme.

inplant training in coimbatore for civil engineering students inplant training in coimbatore for civil engineering students

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