InPlant Training for ECE/EEE/EIE

Uniq Technologies offers a unique opportunity to ECE, EEE and E&I students to be a part of Inplant training in Coimbatore. This is one of the best Inplant training programmes available out there as the training is completely practical oriented.

The Inplant training will comprise five sessions covering five different and interesting topics:

  • Interface devices used in embedded systems like GSM modem, Fingerprint module, RFID tag reader and Keypad matrix to name a few
  • Electronic devices [ICs] like CMOS,BIOS which find their role in every appliance available
  • Communication protocol dealing with NS2 technology
  • Image processing using MATLAB
  • Android App development which is the in trend topic in today’s technological world.

The Inplant training programme will reward the participants in addition to knowledge and experience, two certificates – the Inplant training certificate and Android workshop certificate.

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  • Electronics & Electrical Engineering are evergreen areas holding a distinguished position in the minds of the student community.
  • From the smart devices we work with these days to the rockets launched to reach out to places far away, their contribution is remarkable in turning dreams into reality.
  • Indeed these courses are the first and the most to be taken up by students as their streams of study. It takes a lot to stand out among the many ECE, EEE and E&I students.
  • The answer to the question of uniqueness in students is IPT in Coimbatore by Uniq Technologies.

  • Electronics & Electrical Engineering courses are not just about circuits and PCB boards. They are closely related with other streams of Engineering.
  • Electronic and electrical equipments would just be theories on paper without software.
  • After analysing from all angles, Uniq Technologies have come up with some software tools which they feel will help ECE/EEE students in their design.
  • The training also involves hands on session on devices ECE/EEE students dream of laying their hands on. Take part to experiment with GSM modem, RFID tags etc.
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