InPlant Training for Mechanical/ Prod/ Auto

InPlant Training in chennai for mechanical

An exclusive opportunity from Uniq Technologies for the Mechanical, Automobile and Production Engineering students to explore their domains through Inplant training in Coimbatore; the training will serve to be the best workshop to work at as the training looks at making you personally work rather than being spectators like during an Industrial visit.

With the aim of getting people together to deal with practical applications, the Inplant training’s syllabus has been designed to cover all the following topics:

  • Robotics where interesting and practically useful robots like Image processing robots, Ultrasonic sensor robots, Line following robots are developed
  • Machine vision applications using MATLAB and Arduino microcontrollers
  • Elevator Model applications for work effectiveness
  • LabView useful for design and development
  • Android App development which every Engineering student must be aware of to simulate their projects.

At the end of the Inplant training programme, the participant will be awarded with the Inplant training certificate and Android workshop certificate.

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  • “I am a third year mechanical student. Where can i do any IPT during semester holidays?”
  • “Hi all which is the best company for mechanical engineering students to undergo IPT?”
  • Top car manufacturing companies are opening their manufacturing units in Tamilnadu implying that Mechanical/Automobile/Production Engineering will always be in demand.
  • To answer all these queries, we find the solution to be IPT.

  • Preplanning is necessary before commencing work on even a school level project. Without proper design and modelling, the project would put the company’s reputation at a major disadvantage.
  • To overcome this, we look at using software. Uniq Technologies have tie ups with leading manufacturing companies and have framed the IPT syllabus in a way both the participants and the companies are satisfied with.
  • A successful career’s first step is taken through the IPT programme at Coimbatore by Uniq Technologies.

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