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Internship allows students to help like a bridge between academics and industry. Learn one of the rapidly developing technology ‘Network simulator’ at UNIQ Technologies, Coimbatore. We offer best internship program in NS2. Network simulator is specifically designed for research in computer communication networks. The internship schedule is framed such that it covers A to Z of the technology skills. During intern you will be working on various network modules, routing, transport, layer protocol & applications. Internship program aims to widen the student's perspective by providing an exposure to real use of technologies as expert.

Below are the highlights of our internship program in NS2

About NS2 , Purpose and Installation, Background and architecture, OTcl and C++ interfaces, Trace files and formats, Protocol support for NS2, Simulation object, Basic Syntax, Node creation, Finish procedure, Running NS2, Invoking external commands within NS2. Wired and Wireless networks - Nodes & Agents, Working of NS2 commands, Wired and Wireless scenarios, Routing protocols in wireless scenarios Wired networks- Creating links, Sending traffic through NS2 links, Setting link parameters, Routing protocol support, Scenarios Wireless networks & much more

We offer summer as well as winter internship during the month of June, July & December. Apart from training students are certified with inplant training, internship & accomplishment on completion. Internship materials & supporting software’s are provided in cd’s . As a certified professional your job opportunities are world wide open. So, come & join us for a better future ahead. Think, inspire & grow together

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internship in ns2 - uniq technologies

The Network Simulator (NS2), launched in 1995 is a discrete event simulator aimed at research in the wide expanse of networking and this is evident from the numerous articles published in IEEE regarding the same. Close attention is paid to instant networks. Despite the availability of several techniques for complicated system simulations, NS2 is acommon choice as it provides system generated simulations. The popularity of NS2 is widespread and its recognition and usage is increasing by the day. NS3 introduced in 2008 is the descendent of NS2 but it has not gained much recognition as compared to the latter. Having an internship in NS2 is advantageous and beneficial especially to Electronics and Computer Science students. At UNIQ, students are trained in NS2 programming in addition to teaching the working of the simulator on operating systems like Ubuntu and Linux. We offer you complete and step-by-step guidance on the installation procedure and on projects pertaining to NS2. Demonstration is provided on every aspect of the simulator. From the beginning of the training period, you will increase your knowledge day by day and at the end, you will be a professional who knows NS2 in and out.