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The days of theory , classroom teaching are gone!. It’s time to transfer the theoretical knowledge to a practical knowledge. At UNIQ technologies we are pioneer in providing internships at Coimbatore. We set a standard in inculcating the best of practical experiences in students approach towards embedded development. Certification in Embedded systems opens up a versatile career opportunity all over the world. Embedded systems form the core of engineering platforms like electronics, electrical & instrumentation. Internship in Embedded systems explores a full fledged knowledge in Hardware & software developments. The level of training at our company propels student development through a better placement preparation and adds an extra credit in their resume. Internship are great tools to improve your chances as a job applicant and help make you a better potential employee.

Below is the highlights of our internship program in Embedded Systems

It includes fundamentals of C & C++ languages , 8051/PIC/ARM Microcontroller architecture, Embedded C Programming, Integrated development Environments, Interfacing Microcontroller with various peripheral devices like led’s, seven segment, lcd displays, keypad matrix 5 factor, adc ,dac ,timers, real time clock , protocols learning uart, I2C , SPI & CAN , Linux device drivers & much more.

We offer summer as well as winter internship during the month of June, July & December. Apart from training students are certified with inplant training, internship & accomplishment on completion. Internship materials & supporting software’s are provided in cd’s . As a certified Embedded professional your job opportunities are world wide open . So , come & join us for a better future ahead. Think, inspire & grow together

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internship in embedded systems - uniq technologies

An Embedded System (ES) is a computerized digital system that possesses functions inside an electrical system. The ES always comes with real-time computing constraints. It includes hardware and mechanical parts. They control many devices in common use today. ES plays an integral part in the syllabus of not just Electronics or Computer Science departments, but almost all departments. Hence it is of great importance students know about the nuances of ES and become an expert in handling the technology. UNIQ Technologies is the right place to learn Embedded Systems and obtain technical expertise. Scholars and professionals take keen interest in imparting their knowledge on to their students, here, at UNIQ Technologies. We assure the students that they get the best out of our mentors. Students are guided with complete and individual attention in order to gain a thorough understanding of ES.