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Every day we are surrounded by android apps form checking mail, to booking a ticket, buying online products, checking driving directions all in a single application. Why not develop your own application. At UNIQ Technologies, Coimbatore we offer best internship in ANDROID. As an intern you will be mainly working on mobile application developments, mini projects on real time work conditions, innovate new ideas in apps development & by the end of internship program you are no more new to the android platform, & can learn how to publish it in market. Internship days are more exciting with developing apps like text2speech, home automation, & much more. More encouragement is given to creative ideas towards research & development

Below are the highlights of our internship program in ANDROID

Android platform intro, android architecture, android software development kit (SDK) & setup, Application Framework , Designing user interfaces, UI Widgets, Activity, Intent & Fragment, Android Menu, Layout Manager, Adaptor, View Android Service, Data Storage Multimedia , Android Graphics Android Web Services & Project Development

We offer summer as well as winter internship during the month of June, July & December. Apart from training students are certified with inplant training, internship & accomplishment on completion. Internship materials & supporting software’s are provided in cd’s . As a certified Android professional your job opportunities are world wide open. So, come & join us for a better future ahead. Think, inspire & grow together

The developed app by our interns will be published in Google PLAY

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internship in android - uniq technologies

Android applications are being developed at a higher rate recently. Usage of smartphones among the people had made Android a key term. Both the common men and technocrats are increasingly making use of Android. Android is a Linux based operating system for mobile phones. It plays a major role in mobile OS arena with other operating systems like iOS and Symbian. An internship in the field of .net is a vital for those who pursue computer science as their major. It is notable that optimal contribution of every single person will take Android to another level. We at UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES strive hard to engage ourselves in progressive tasks which are of world class recognition. We are currently focused on Web mining and Cloud Processing predicated on Android. Job satisfactory atmosphere helps people here to come up with their best. If you are the one who has great knowledge regarding the evolution of Android aps, our doors are open!