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Learn one of the next generation technology .NET at UNIQ Technologies. Our corporate training wing specialized in software training and development offer Internship Program for .NET here at UNIQ Technologies. We train students to work on projects from requirements gathering till deployment. Students can avail a rich corporate experience & multilevel skills. The internship duration is designed to give the students a short but sure introduction to the corporate world. This syllabus has been framed keeping in mind the time constraints faced by students due to their college timings. The intern students are provided with live projects & are well incorporated with industrial exposure.

Below are the highlights of our internship program in .NET

It includes Net Framework and Fundamentals, Learn Common Language Runtime (CLR), Learn Common Type System (CTS), Learn Common Language Specification (CLS), What is Managed Code?, Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL), Just In Time Compiler (JIT), Assembly, Types of Assembly, Garbage Collection Strong Name, Global Assembly Cache (GAC) & much more

We offer summer as well as winter internship during the month of June, July & December. Apart from training students are certified with inplant training, internship & accomplishment on completion. Internship materials & supporting software’s are provided in cd’s . As a certified professional your job opportunities are world wide open. So, come & join us for a better future ahead. Think, inspire & grow together

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internship in dotnet - uniq technologies

.NET technology was developed by Microsoft to meet the needs of wealthy internet software development .Today .NET helps interne progress hand in hand with Java. The applications of .NET can be achieved using the languages C#, VB, J#, C++. .NET is very much similar to various OOP langages and is very east to master, alongside effective methods like Microsoft Aesthetic Facility IDE for .NET. Hence an internship in .NET is the most vital thing for computer student. The exposure to .NET one gets at Uniq Technologies are on par with the tasks performed in MNCs. We've got visiting faculties from MNCs, who share their knowledge with pupils and are of great technical support. We handle most sophisticated resources exclusively built for .NET which helps you realize the engineering easier. This is one of the distinctive qualities of Unit Technologies. We mainly focus on quality of internship provide and our client satisfaction.