internship in php
internship in php
internship in php

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP plays a significant role in creating dynamic website like Wikipedia, Facebook, irctc or flipkart etc. At UNIQ technologies Coimbatore, we offer best internship program in PHP. As an intern students are exposed to website developments as per current requirement of the industry. Along with PHP, We impart skills like MYSQL, one of the best online database manager & latest CSS software which adds style & more lively visual perception to your web page creation. This internship would be a great opportunity to work with cutting-edge web software development. Application developments are product based & industry compliant.

Below are the highlights of our internship program in PHP

Why php , Installation, Embedding php code on page, Exploring data types, links and URLs Using GET values, Encoding GET values, Encoding for HTML, Including and requiring files, Modifying headers, Page redirection, Output buffering, Working with Forms and Form Data, Working with Cookies and Sessions, MySQL Basics, Using PHP to Access MySQL, Building a Content Management System (CMS), Using Site Navigation to Choose Content, Advanced PHP Techniques

We offer summer as well as winter internship during the month of June, July & December. Apart from training students are certified with inplant training, internship & accomplishment on completion. Internship materials & supporting software’s are provided in cd’s . As a certified Android professional your job opportunities are world wide open. So, come & join us for a better future ahead. Think, inspire & grow together

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internship in php - uniq technologies

A scripting language that is run on the server is Php, commonly called hypertext pre-processor. Like html, Php is used in creating web pages. This vast domain provides platform for many developers to design and build web pages. A number of attractive websites are designed using Php. Php is compatible with servers like WAMP, MAMP etc. The language is very user friendly and easy to learn. With innovation and interest, wonders can be done. We at UNIQ TECHNOLOGIES offer internship to help students to gain expertise in this field. The best training faculties here assist the students and lend their support in designing and developing web pages. It is better late than never. Get yourself enrolled and rule the province of Php!